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Melvins Reef Black Light Mini Golf

Crown Regency Hotels and Towers proudly give you Black Light Mini-Golf that takes you to enjoy golf with black light underwater experience. It perfectly winds you down after a long day of work’s pressure and stress. 
Swing..hit..and play like a true golf player with our coolest mini-golf club, just right for everybody.
Brace yourself as we bring you to a “hole” new light world of golf.  You’ll surely get attracted with the fantastic underwater designs with luminous black light sources.

Black light is an optical filtering lamp that emits visible lights and produces ultraviolet glow that gives attractive and artistic views. This newest mini-golf club also allows you to play golf with an extra glowing twist of the deep-sea creatures that your kids would love to see.

This newest top-of-the line amenity has 9-hole mini golf course that can be played by 4 players at a time.  Each player begins the match by making the first putt, continuing to take the turns until the hole is complete. If the ball is hit by another ball, the player may return it to where it was placed and continue to play until the players hits the hole. If the ball hits the rail, the player can move it away using the length of the club’s head before continuing to putt. Overhead swinging and throwing the ball is highly prohibited. Climbing to rocks or obstacles is also ruled out.

Spend time with your family and friends now and get ready to swing and take it to the hole at Crown Regency Hotels and Towers Black Light Mini Golf. 
Black Light Mini-Golf, a perfect “hole”-day experience!!

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