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Paramount Climbing Wall

The Worlds First Climbing Wall placed high atop a 40 story building, 468 feet from the ground. This 32 foot climbing wall is designed to make you feel as if you were climbing on a mountain, wind blowing by as you climb with a one of a kind view of Cebu all around. PARAMOUNT allows 7 climbers at a time using an auto-belay system that lets you climb high then let go and enjoy the ride as it lowers you back to the floor below. Fun for all ages, PARAMOUNT welcomes you to a one of a kind experience. So step up and “Climb the Sky”.

This climbing wall is a product of Entre Prises, the company that pioneered the industry in 1983 and continues to raise the standard in product design, development and manufacturing with over 4000 projects worldwide. This wall is an imprint wall made of polymer/cement composite and has a variety of handholds that are custom made.

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